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About us

    Shenzhen xincai display co., LTD., is a professional engaged in LED electronic display screen, LED lighting and LED lighting products research and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the high and new technology enterprise. The company now has advanced modernization Specializing in the production equipment and high-quality technical management system!

   Xincai display: adhering to the "honesty, patience, exploration, enthusiasm" of the enterprise culture! Customer oriented city, relying on the of "specialized, refined, sharp" technical deep understanding of LED optoelectronic products, focus on the development of electrical products and manufacturing, has successfully developed with all the core technology, combined with the company "7 s" management and strong production capacity, production of all kinds of product technology has reached the international leading level. Excellent product quality and high cost performance advantages to meet the needs of different customers, vendors set up strategic alliances the advantage of, fully implement the cross-century modern enterprise, do the resources sharing, division of labor cooperation, complementary advantages and efficient action. At present, the company leading product LED electronic display screen, LED lighting and LED lighting is widely used in banking, electricity, post and telecommunications, communications, such as business hall, stock exchange, bank, hospital, railway stations, airports, docks, squares, exhibition center, trading center, entertainment center, stadiums, shopping malls, the place such as building information display, advertising and monitoring control.

   Xincai display is located in shenzhen baoan district rock town, the company has passed the CE certification, CCC certification, UL certification, ROHS certification, quality strictly in is9001:2000 2008 quality certification system under the perfect product quality management, highly pay attention to the practice of 7 s management standard and the daily operation, on the process strict IQC, IPQC, QC, CFQC, QA part of quality engineering and supply chain management; Research and development centre based in Hong Kong, the company relies on overseas expert dressing technology and abundant capital senior talents. Now in all large and medium-sized cities in China have set up offices and branches to provide clients with fast and perfect service! Products cover great river north and south China and the products are exported to the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Australia, Greece, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, kazakhstan and other countries and regions.

   Company welcome the domestic and foreign merchants, and to our products put forward valuable Suggestions, cooperate with thought you raise more and more high quality products!

Company aim: honest and trustworthy, customer above, people-oriented, brand management!

Company faith: cultivate first-class talents, casting first-class management, first-class products, provide first-class service!

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