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Ride the "sharing economy" Dongfeng inject new business opportunities for LED display industry!

2017-12-05 20:44:47 Shenzhen XinCai Display Co., Ltd Read

      When it comes to sharing economy, most of the people's minds may be sharing bicycles, sharing treasure, sharing umbrellas, and many other convenient measures. Under the influence of the thinking background of "intelligence + interconnection", "sharing economy" is no longer a strange word, and more and more people are enjoying the benefits brought by it. It's a subversive, completely new business model. More data show that in 2014, the global market share of the economy reached $15 billion. By 2025, this figure will reach $335 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 36%. Sharing economy is permeating all walks of life, and it is quietly changing people's production activities and lifestyle. However, the "sharing economy" several years ago has infiltrated into the field of LED display, but because the system is not reasonable, divided into advertising revenue cycle is too long, immature operation mode and other factors lead to "plans".

   In fact, shared concepts already exist. The essence of shared economy is to integrate idle goods or services under the line so that they can provide products or services at a lower price. In a nutshell, is your idle resource sharing to others, through a platform to improve the utilization of resources to create value, and get return from the economic model, such as Airbnb and Uber is the most typical case. Today, the rapid development of the information society also allows LED display applications in various fields of broad prospects. Different categories, different performance of LED display has been developed to meet the needs of different industries. LED display has spread all over the streets, LED large screen is an important phase product of digital transformation of outdoor advertising industry. It is an urgent task to reduce or eliminate the vacancy rate of outdoor advertising big screen, and the manufacturing industry is positively related to the media industry. There are both screen media business idle, and screen manufacturers idle capacity in the future. In addition, have to mention is that the big LED screen in the bustling commercial and the golden section of the excessive concentration of distribution, but also lead to the big LED screen has not been a big problem for effective use of the.

   At the same time, there are several common shop door, entrance hall, supermarket shelves at most in daily life. For the release of shopping tips, supply and demand information, price quotes, promotional discounts, new product promotion, business customers recommend, greetings and other business customers guide the communication media and information window, an effective way to attract consumers. And for the information service and product category LED display system will be more abundant, also will be a breakthrough on the market demand and potential application areas, such as public transportation, parking lot, catering, display demand will be more and more comprehensive hospital service information. Because of the continuous development of the LED display industry, simple and convenient LED screen will become the ultimate choice of the screen owners.

   In fact, the single color LED display screen small advertising as an example, more and more businesses like this, they are in the streets and lanes everywhere, and rolling endlessly, just to attract more attention and attention. But looking at it, the content is simple, rigid and similar, and there is nothing new. Even some businesses are starting to think that installing LED displays is not very useful. Choose to abandon the LED display investment, and good use of this marketing tool, some people can not help but sadly sigh. This is because the screen owners change the content is not convenient and lead to update lag. And through the computer to modify the program, can not get rid of the constraints of time and space, but also more difficult to interact with customers through programs.

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