Shenzhen XinCai Display Co., Ltd

Service support


Our company will train the users based on the manual, system use guide and maintenance guide. The training include system use, system maintenance and equipment protection.

Sales Service

Customized solution designs.

Product rendering and steel structure drawing.

XinCai’s successful project examples and visits to our production and R&D base

The scope of after-sales services

XinCai after-sales services are mainly related to the failures as below: hardware failure, connector failure, and control system failure, control software failure, the failure of accessories provided by XinCai. The services under warranty are divided into the paid services and the free services, please refer to the following table.

Free services under warranty

1.Failures of module, power supply and fan in the display.
2.Control system failures (graphic card, sending card, receiving card)
3.Failures of connecting wires inside display cabinets supplied by Austar.
4.Failures of control software

Paid service under warranty

1.Failures not caused by XinCai’s construction(such as, structure decoration etc).
2.Failures caused by incorrect operation to screen.
3.Failures caused by natural disaster.

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